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Is Your Phone Causing Your Neck Pain??

Neck pain is a common condition that affects 30-50% of American Adults in the general population within any given year (National Institutes of Health.gov). Neck pain cases have been on the rise in recent years because more and more people are transitioning to computer jobs instead of manual labor. Also, kids are getting cell phones and tablets at earlier ages, causing them to develop poor posture because they are always looking down. This makes them susceptible to posture changes such as forward head posture and changes in the alignment of the cervical spine, sometimes referred to as “tech neck or text neck.” 

Maintaining good posture from a young age is extremely important when it comes to keeping a healthy cervical spine. In fact, for every inch your head moves forward relative to your shoulder, it adds an additional 10lbs to the weight of your head that your neck has to support. Over time, this additional weight causes the natural curve in the neck to decrease or possibly be lost entirely. This increases pressure on the discs in between the vertebrae and starts a degenerative process over time.  Forward head posture has also been associated with breathing issues like sleep apnea due to the increased strain on neck and facial muscles which can affect tongue placement when people sleep. 

Chiropractic combined with corrective exercise is a great way to address neck pain if the neck pain is being caused from structural issues within the cervical spine. Specifically, the chiropractic adjustment addresses a condition called subluxation which is a malposition and/or restriction in the range of motion within a spinal joint. If subluxations are present, consistently correcting them while doing exercises that improve neck strength and posture can help alleviate the neck pain. This combination can also help improve the structure of the spine to its natural curved position and reduce forward head posture.

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